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Iowa (8-4) vs. Nebraska (7-6) Game Thread


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8 hours ago, hhcmatt said:

Was thinking about taking the whole family but there were no tickets yesterday and 300 level were going for 30+


Sold out game. Not sure if the people of Nebraska are restless or if we will have an Iowa invasion

I think there will be a lot of Iowa fans. There’s usually a lot, and given it being over break for a lot of people I expect even more.


Husker fans better be ready to make some noise and drown them out.

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Playing around with Bart Torvik backs up the eye test of Nebraska being a completely different team without and with Walker. In the eight games he's been back, they've been close to a top-50 defense, up about 70 spots from where they were without him. They've been about 40 spots better on offense, but that still only gets them to 153rd. They've got to find a way to score the ball a little better if they want to have success in the Big Ten, and I think the most likely path to that is improved consistency and effectiveness from the 3-point line for Bandoumel (24.6%) and Wilcher (32.8%). Both have shown they're capable of shooting much better than that, and Nebraska really needs them to because they don't have a lot of other avenues to offensive improvement based on the personnel.

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11 hours ago, Nighthawk said:

I wish they could figure a way to get the radio broadcast and the TV broadcast to sync.


They have the technology.  KFAB synced the Husker football games to Cox TV when they had the broadcast rights.  People at the games listening on their headsets got mad because the call was behind live action.  Froggy 98 synced it last year to football, but not this year.  I believe Husker men's sports went to crap once KFAB said screw it. 

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