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Sunday's foe

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21 minutes ago, Cazzie22 said:

I was surprised they hung that well with Texas despite not hitting outside shots.  I imagine they will scorch the nets against us.  Nemhard is going to be a tough matchup.

Its coming down to him and kalkbrenner to decide this game.  They have no bench and cant sustain relying on the starting 5 all year to win big games.  Only chance NE has is if it can hit 3's and jays struggle at the 3.  Something tells me the jays will get hot from 3 on Sunday.

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11 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

Against Texas, they went 8 deep, played five guys at least 33 minutes each, and their 6th man got 12 minutes.


So, if Baylor Scheierman had come here instead, who would be getting his 33 minutes?


Someone not nearly as good, that's who.


Christian Bishop?

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Both Creighton and Nebraska are top 10 in FTA/FGA, which is a tempo free way of tracking how often other teams get FTs against you.

Creighton is #1 and Nebraska is #7.  Both McDermott and Hoiberg over their careers have customarily had teams that faired well in this category.


Obviously there are games that are outliers but it would be pretty in line for both teams to struggle to get above 10 FTs.



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A couple of things interest me in this game


One is Creighton's strategy on pressuring the ball is to not pressure the ball even though they probably have the guards to do so. Generally this is part of McDermott's strategy to not pick up fouls.


Nebraska obviously has ball handling issues that can be exploited. I'd assume the Jays feel like they have a good enough team they won't change from their norm here but they've been known to switch things up when facing their in-state rival.





How will the Jays defend Walker if he's away from the basket?  I think the last thing they want to do is bring Kalkbrenner out on the perimeter though maybe that would work better than when he went out there against Disu from Texas.  Walker isn't much of a threat to hit from outside but he's such a good passer/driver you have to put someone on him.

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