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unelinstu's postgame chatter: vol 15, ed 5: Oklahoma

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2 hours ago, basketballjones said:

We need a new coach, fellas. A fresh start is desperately needed here. 

And I say this as someone who was a full Hoiberg believer and just could have never believed it would come to this. 

Yeah, well this is Nebraska. We throw entire seasons in the trash because we don’t want to hurt feelings. 

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Oklahoma is bad this year and we were never within arm’s reach of them for the final 30 minutes of the game. This was the game that officially tells us what we had already assumed coming into the year — not enough firepower or ball-handling. Sadly we are 2-3 players away from even being remotely competitive. 

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36 minutes ago, jimmykc said:

Nor do I. I don't see how it would help recruiting for next year or our slim chances of being competitive in any games this year. But the day the season ends ????:


On the other hand, why delay the inevitable?

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19 minutes ago, Chuck Taylor said:

Watching game for the first time this morning, was struck by how poor our post play was. Tanner Groves is not a great defender and their backup was a former walk-on at Wofford who transferred in this year. Yet both Keita and WB struggled against them.


You could put a cardboard cutout of Johnny Depp out there and I'm pretty sure WB would struggle to score on it. 

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3 hours ago, basketballjones said:

I don’t support firing FH mid season. 

Nor should we. Unlike Scott, Fred’s a true professional and puts in the work. I hope he can string together 15 or 16 wins to show some progress, I just don’t think it will happen. My point was to point out the absurdity and lack of competitive caring to bring back both Frost and Hoiberg this year despite being historically horrible. 

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