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On 5/26/2022 at 9:51 PM, Huskerpapa said:

So, who is your choice and why...that is the question? 

I don't want to jinx anyone and guess the struggles of husker basketball have me just wanting to see team improvement like mentioned above. And for that to happen it is going to take improvement from a majority of this roster. Yeah, maybe 1 or 2 guys breaks out but that doesn't always equate to wins.  

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1 hour ago, Swan88 said:

Jucos usually have greater impact in their second season, so I pick Keisei:



A lot of them see an uptick in production the last half of their first season. He didn't do that. I'll be curious to see how he does this year.

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His shooting and general offensive potency, however, were already expected. What actually surprised Hovasse was Tominaga's defensive energy and IQ..................

For these, Hovasse believes that Tominaga's time in the US NCAA Division 1 as a member of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers has proven to be very instrumental in his growth.

"Every day he's practicing against Big Ten competition," Hovasse explained. "That's a fantastic league - defensively long and athletic, so he's getting better and better."


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15 hours ago, busticket said:

Don’t you guys love watching our players light it up when they are not wearing their Husker uniforms?

One thing to remember is, when you're in a Husker uniform and playing in the Big Ten, this is not a foul:



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4 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

Keisa looked like he was always rushing his shots last year. Either because he was afraid he couldn’t get it off, or afraid he’d be back on the bench if he didn’t produce.

Or he was afraid he would never see the ball again with Bryce and Verge on the floor.  I remember games he’d be wide open on the wing and they wouldn’t even look his way.  He was definitely rushing his shots.  Hopefully that changes this year.

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8 minutes ago, busticket said:

I hope Fred gives him more leash than last year so he can get comfortable out there.  The kid is ridiculous when he is on.

Can't forget the defensive end.  He was hot and cold there as well.  

This team will need a lot of "right" things to happen this year.  The one thing that could, again could be a consistent positive, is defense.  I guess time will tell.

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