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Bob Lanier passes.

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When I visited the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. several decades ago, I marveled at the 18 1/2 size of his shoes which were on display. At the time Bob and Will Purdue of Vanderbilt were known for their foot size. He had a pretty nice career at St. Bonaventure and in the pros with thw Pistons and Bucks. Time to rest those dogs now, big guy. R.I.P.

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Ah man, I was a big Sixers fan in the early 80’s when the Sixers and Bucks seemed to tangle in the playoffs every year.  Lanier, Junior Bridgeman(sp?), Sidney Moncrief, Brian Winters vs Doc, Dawkins, Bobby and Caldwell Jones, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney….I want to relive my childhood.  It was all so larger than life back then.

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Remember hearing a story told by Bob about his first game against Wilt.  Bob was a BIG man and used that size very well.  Like third time down the floor he starts to back Wilt down and Wilt just grabs him under the arms, picks him off the ground and walks him like 8 steps out of the paint.  Bob said the last time he had been picked up was like when he was 5 years old… 


Said he never tried it again…😉

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