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Scoggin enters portal...


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3 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

...and yet she was good enough to play here???


3 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

Just look at her statistics especially conference this last year.  Helped us out of a hole the first year but was about to lose her starting position sooner or later to Allison W.  That being said I do hope she can move on from this unfortunate situation and find success in her future.


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3 hours ago, All About the Corn said:

So if Scoggin does not find a home to play her last 1-2 years does she stay and take advantage of her scholarship? That is quite a bit of money to throw away if you are going to have to pay your way at another school and no longer be an active player.


That's for her to decide ....what she'll do next.  UNL has offered to do the right thing and honor the scholarship. 


She could possibly find another school and scholarship.  Pretty sure she has/will explore options in her best interests.


Good luck to her no matter what she does.

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Below is the UNLV womens basketball site and their announcement of adding Scoggins to their roster.   Personally, I am glad she found a place to play after  what did or did not happen with the Husker team.  Wishing her well with UNLV and in life as well!!  UNLV was 26-7 last year and plays in the Mountain West Conference which they won the post season tournament.  They played Arizona in the NCAA Tournament losing 67-72.



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