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How is Blaise Keita's recovery from knee surgery??


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How is Blaise Keita's injured knee?  I know he missed the first part of the season but played in the second half of the season.  I didn't see any write-ups.  At the end of last season many experts considered Blaise the best center playing JUCE ball.  Did he make a 100% recovery?  Does he run the floor well?  Was he agile in the paint?  Did he block shots?  Did he rebound?  Did he show any offensive moves in the paint? -- OR -- Did he 'lumber' down the floor to the offensive end and just 'stand in the paint' and block up the lane for the other teammates?  I WANT TO KNOW IF WE ARE GETTING THE BEST JUCO CENTER IN THE COUNTRY -- OR -- ARE WE GETTING A DAMAGED PLAYER THAT IS NOT AS GOOD AS HE WAS BEFORE THE INJURY?

Blaise Keita needs to be a STUD IN THE MIDDLE for us to be competitive this season.  His health is more important than landing Gray.

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I haven't seen or heard anything official. 

We have access to limited video and I personally thought he was not 100%.  That said, he was on the floor helping his team.

Reading his history and how he worked on his game once he made it to Kansas, leads me to believe that once he hooks up with our nutritional and weight staff, he will improve exponentially.  He also will have pretty decent role models in DW and Briedenbach. 

We shall see.

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