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I'm proud of our gals for getting to the semis!  Lid was on the basket for most of the 2nd half.  Now NU will have a chance to rest and reset, then go to work on executing a little better in the NCAAs.  We are NOT a bubble team so the season will continue- that is the good news about being in this position this year.  GO BIG RED!!!

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I saw a criticism elsewhere that we didn't yet have the 'roster' to compete with a team of Iowa's 'pace.'  I disagree.  I didn't see anything wrong with our 'pace" (we won the first quarter 20-17, with momentum) as much as I did difference in relative experience. 


As noted by someone elsewhere, "Iowa initiates so much contact by leaning into defenders." Thinking about O'Grady's several blocked shots on Alexis, I agree with Jeff Greisch; she'll learn how to draw the fouls (while making the shots) with experience.   Fastbreaker noted: "our freshmen are playing like freshmen." I think three tough games in three days may also have something to do with it.

Shooting was off our pace, throughout the game, while several Iowa players had banner performances. We really didn't have an answer for Clarke, who had 41 points (few teams do), yet we lost by 17.  


I am looking forward to the NCAA Tournament.

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The B1G tourney is pretty near impossible unless your a 1 to 4 seed.  I think there's only been 1 or 2 to win it with a high seed. Too many games... to close together.


Heard in the game,  at a late time out, and they were recording Iowa's discussion, and could hear Clark tell the team (didn't write down the exact words)  .....but it was in essence... no let up, to bury them (NU) make them pay.  Typical bully talk....reflects how they are coached and play.

OK I'm done whining.


The girls did themselves well in the tourney, without a doubt.  We don't get much respect in the league, but have undoubtedly changed a few minds this year. We're a young team, with a huge upside.  A fun team to watch.  


Monday will be interesting to see the ratings. Could we have broken into the top 25?  Looks like we'll get a decent seed in the NCAA's. Isn't it nice to have no doubt we're in the big one ? 







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fwiw....looked at the March 6th Charlie Creme bracketology.

Creme has the Huskers as a 6 seed playing 11 seed Washington State. who knows how it will shake out, however, i hope he is correct as far as being a 6 seed. 7-10 seeds always make me nervous. lost a number of brackets over the years picking the 7 seed to win!😩

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