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Huskers (9-21) vs Badgers (23-5) give or take


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It’s funny watching Brad Davison get called for blocking fouls now even when it’s clearly a charge. Refs are so far in their own head they don’t even know what’s going on anymore.


Chucky was the best player in the state last year, and definitely in the state championship game.


I’d prefer to play Wisconsin in the finals in the big ten tournament rather than the semi finals.

All my thoughts on the badgers. Let’s keep the streak rolling 

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11 hours ago, cipsucks said:

Here's to you, jimmy!  


Roland destroys Wisconcin!




Cip, you made my week.   My favorite Zevon song of all time.  Hell, it might be my favorite song of all time.   And fits the upcoming game against the evil empire that is Wiscy.   Well done. 

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1 hour ago, cipsucks said:


Not sure what the changes were, but the Huskers have been on a roll....




More good work, Cip.  Just snagged REO/Styx/Thorogood tickets for the concert at Pinewood Bowl on 5/13.  They better play this one.  

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12 hours ago, Go Big Fred said:

So much of me wishes the Wisconsin games were flipped home and away, could you imagine PBA for this game after that two game winning streak?

It'd be tough to have any home games anytime soon. After the thousands of Iowegia grappling fans that will invade PBA this weekend with the beer taps flowing, the place is going to need some serious airing out and sanitizing for a few weeks. The same probably goes for the entire Haymarket area. Blecch.


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