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Nebraska (8-21) vs Ohio St. (18-8) game thread

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I realize this is a Thunderclap Newman remake Petty threw on a greatest hits cd to sell as a new release. Smart, yet shameful....  I'm sticking with the Husker Hoops prophet angle.  He did this song knowing what the Huskers would do starting February 27, 2022 and going forward. 😉  GBR!



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12 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

I saw the “Souther Accents” tour at Pershing in ‘85. Any of you other knuckleheads there…?

Not me...I was a 15 year old loner with very few friends that didn't go to concerts....so I didn't.  lol..now I'm a 51 year old loner with very few friends that might sometimes go to concerts...but never invite me...so I go solo.  

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8 minutes ago, NUtball said:

Just great.  Skinhead Lurch is once again in the zebra suit.  Look for a crucial call or two to thwart the Huskers.  I don't understand why Nebraska gets stuck with that d-bag for so many games.  He's like the stubborn piece of dog excrement you just can't get off your shoe.

Speaking of dog shit, I got some on my shoe today. maybe it was his.


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4 minutes ago, Bugeaters1 said:

Well you only have two more games to bitch abbout him, so make them good bitches.



Take a chill pill. Just referring to the show boat pass in the lane.

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