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O.T. What are you cooking for the Super Bowl?/ Score prediction contest

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We've done this in years past, and since the beating of horses of coaching changes has well passed the death stage, there's not much to talk about.  Whatcha making for the Super Bowl?

I'm doing a brisket flat, baked beans and homemade cole slaw.  BTW, I predict the Bengals win 37-34.


Let's turn this into another contest since I promised to do a Wagyu ribeye giveaway.  Post what you're making, food wise, if anything, and give your score prediction for Sunday's Super Bowl.  If anyone correctly predicts the winning team and final score, two wagyu ribeyes are yours.  If no one wins, we'll do another contest down the road.  Go Big Red!

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I'm taking advantage of the Super Bowl to go ride some local-to-me trails in peace.  We have an island out here that's a state park in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.  In the winter the mountain range is snowy and mostly unrideable/unhikeable, so Antelope Island gets pretty crowded November-March as a dry alternative.  I couldn't care less about the NFL, so I'll be riding my bike in some beautiful, serene solitude while everyone else watches the Super Bowl.


Score Prediction:

Amount of fun I will have: 100

Amount of NFL I watched this year: 0



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My traditional chili which is ever-changing due to a "Secret" ingredient added yearly which sometimes makes the varsity. Suffice it to say, this year's batch has 24 plus the secret one. Raisins and gorgonzola have made the final cut and molasses was taken out several years ago after a long run. I like it over spaghetti. Oh yes, I forgot the game since the Chiefs fell. I'll say Rams, 28-24.

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Not sure what the menu will be as it will be a quiet night at home. 

I think the Rams win but I took the money line odds on the Bengals at +175 for my non-traditional retirement account. 

Here’s hoping…28-27 Cincy. Enjoy the night everyone!

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