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Are we justified in lamenting officiating


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At this point in the season conference and non-conference are roughly the same in number of times played for the teams in the B1G.  So statistically speaking, who wins and who loses. If we take number of trips to the free throw line by both opponents into count from both non-con and conference play the mean should play out pretty similarly considering teams really do not change who they are.

1 trip less means net minus 1

1 opponent trip more means net minus 1

For conference play the mean net is -2.8 and we are going to call + or - 2 the statistical margin of error which would make my normal range -.8 to -4.8.  

( Wisconsin, Minnesota, Rutgers, Michigan State, Indiana all fall in that range)

Who benefits from officiating in the B1G

( Iowa +1.3, Northwestern +1.6, Illinois +2.4, Michigan +3.2, Penn State +3.3)

Who loses from officiating in the B1G

( Maryland -5.0, Purdue -9.2, Ohio State -12.0,  Nebraska -12.0)

Statistical proof OSU and dear old NU get screwed.

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