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2022 Transfer Portal

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37 minutes ago, thrasher31 said:

I think we need a staff in place for recruiting first. But yeah, I would've hoped we reached out. There's still time thankfully and lots more guys will enter. 

I agree that we probably won’t be doing to much recruiting (or seeing movement on it) for the next few weeks.   

hopefully we have at least one guy lined up so when Gates leaves we are still down just one guy. 


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59 minutes ago, thrasher31 said:

Worth noting also re: transfers


Only guy I've seen that we have had contact with thus far has been Griesel. Home state connection helped there obviously. But nonetheless, it is noteworthy. 

Also worth noting that we are still 2 over the limit.   We probably know on some guys but still have to wait to see what spots are available.  

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1 hour ago, Huskerpapa said:

...just remember, it is fair to estimate that there will be between 400 to 750 transfers (+/- 🤣) this year.  #1 it will be difficult to comment or want even 50% of them. #2 I anticipate this thread will grow immensely over the next several weeks 🤪


1 hour ago, thrasher31 said:




I was about 90% sure that we tried to land Pickett last year but that was actually Xavier Pinson lol

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3 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

We haven’t been on too many

of these lists this year.

Assistant shifting is my guess as to why. Griesel we had home court advantage on at least. 


I'm mildly shocked though that we haven't appeared on any of these. At least from my knowledge

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31 minutes ago, thrasher31 said:

If they wanted to gamble on someone, maybe lander fits that bill? Kinda shocked he went back to IU originally last year. 


Don't really think they have the luxury of gambling on someone.   Whoever we take needs to be guys who have logged some minutes...even if at a lower level.

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On 3/21/2022 at 10:20 PM, Ron Mexico said:

I don't really follow the transfer portal. 

Top need is a true PG. Any of those available?

SG can take over in spots but would prefer him to be moving w/o the ball.



Yes, Shooting Guards do tend to move without the ball... 🤔 😉 😏 😂

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