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Nebraska (6-12) vs Indiana (12-5) game thread

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Nothing shocking with this statement, but as we sit at 0-8 in conference, it is baffling as to how bad of a job FH has done with in-game coaching...5 GD conferences wins in almost 3 seasons, and he/we find another way to lose a very winnable hone game.

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10 hours ago, hskr4life said:

I’m just saying, not really saying… but my daughter is 3-0 this year going to games and she’s coming tonight.

Update… Her NET ranking will be dropping tomorrow as she loses her first of the season.  

She did say “we were close daddy” on the ride home though.  I’ve already trained her on what it’s like being a Husker fan and she’s only 3.  Sigh.

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The play that sort of blew my mind last night (and perhaps it has been discussed) was when Kobe broke free for a layup and instead of taking it, threw a pass for a turnover.   I turned to my son an uttered something incomprehensible...

They then went down and scored on a layup.  A four point swing.  We would have been four down and instead we were eight down.

Not necessarily dissing on Kobe, but man, we do that kind of stuff way too often.

My humble conclusion is that our team as a whole has a poor basketball IQ.

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