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Nebraska (6-12) vs Indiana (12-5) game thread

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8 hours ago, cipsucks said:

Little time between games. Little time to fix things. I'll be posting songs with time(s) in the title.  Please join.  GBR!



Great choice but “ Time Has Come Today” by the Chambers Brothers is a good one.

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10 hours ago, tcp said:

ball isn't even tipped yet and we're already down 6! 


I mean... we all know what's going to happen right?  It's not that hard as every game seems to go about the same way.


1.  IU wins the tip-- we play pretty solid D and force a long jumper... they miss but get an offensive rebound.  Count the bucket and make the FT.


2.  Nebraska runs 20 seconds off the clock and, with time winding down, forces a three.  Miss.


3.  IU makes a nice backdoor cut for an easy two.


4.  Nebraska with a nice possession on a pick and role with Verge and Walker.  Easy 2 for Derrick.


5.  IU takes the ball out quickly, rushes up the floor, we're out of rotation and leave a guy wide open for 3.  Down 8-2.

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2 hours ago, hskr4life said:

I’m just saying, not really saying… but my daughter is 3-0 this year going to games and she’s coming tonight.


Turns out I might be using my other ticket here so if someone has an extra one, hook up the birthday girl please

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