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Nebraska (6-9) vs. Butgers (8-5) Game Thread

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2 minutes ago, hhcdave said:

Either Matt A’s identification of talent is an absolute disaster or Fred literally can’t coach. 

Either scenario is scary as hell but at minimum one of the two is true. 

Pretty sure both 

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I have been watching NU Basketball since the late 1960's and I don't think I have ever seen a team play with less intensity on a consistent basis than this one.    Losing obviously contributes to that - but if you want to play college BB you need to play hard - and if you want to coach college BB you need to be able to get a team to play with intensity.

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58 minutes ago, hhcscott said:

And a call from a 402 number shows up on Mark Turgeon's agent's phone.


You know, I would have said that 2 years ago and replaced Mark's name with Fred.  This is a jinxed program.  I'm convinced this is a place where coaches come to ruin their career.

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4 minutes ago, cornfed24-7 said:

When the announcers are musing how a team stays focused knowing the dumpster fire that is Nebraska Basketball is coming  up on thier schedule it has to be the bottom right?!?

Rock Bottom gets over used on this board. But this might be the moment we've all been waiting for...I think we can stay at rock bottom but there is no more digging to do. 

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35 minutes ago, The Polish Rifle said:

I know due to the financial situation Hoiberg is probably safe, but damn, every time I watch them play my eyes  tell me he shouldn’t be safe at all. 

I honestly don’t know how Hoiberg can survive this dumpster fire of a season, unless there is some sort of catching fire like the Tim Miles catching fire to close the season of their NCAA Tournament run. And that’s saying a lot, because we just saw Frost get another season after going 3-9 at a self-proclaimed football school with only 1 win vs a Power5 opponent.

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1 minute ago, hskr4life said:

That Terry guy for Rutgers had more rebounds than...


Wilcher, Webster, Lakes, McGowens, Verge, and Keisei.

Thanks for looking that up...I was wondering, but then I feared putting in more effort than the Huskers did.

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