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uneblinstu’s postgame chatter: vol 14; ed 14 - vs. Ohio State

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10 hours ago, Swan88 said:

Here's a theory:

The cratering in Michigan, Auburn and Kansas St. games is the direct result of false rumors that distracted coaches and players--all of them.

The false rumors told of multiple rules violations, a terrible influence by a coach (who took a leave of absence), and the impending termination of the entire coaching staff.

Those rumors ultimately resulted in nothing on the publicity front:  no expose', a return to the bench of the maligned coach, and a partial return to normalcy. 

But the immediate effect of those rumors on the coaches and players and the performance of both was, undoubtedly, massive.  Imagine, each one of us, if we faced such malignity in our own workplace and home lives--we'd be devastated.  To expect less from public figures like these coaches and players is unrealistic.

Who knows what the rest of this season holds.  Hopefully, their expected potential (without Banton, without Trey for a while, without Wilhelm) can be reached.

But the failure of fans to acknowledge the reality and validity and effect on performance of malignant, malicious and vicious rumors perpetrated by foes and friends, alike, is disappointing.


I think the Michigan/Auburn stretch had to deal with the illness running through the team.  Still, shouldn't lose by 30 to an average Michigan team.

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On 1/2/2022 at 9:27 PM, huskerbaseball13 said:

On top of that he may be the worst dribbler in college basketball and a D+ defender at best. 

Yeah and especially at his length and size, it's inexcusable that he's a horrible defender. So many smaller players are much better defenders. It comes down to effort,  but when you win the physical lottery? It's shameful to waste that. Maybe that's why people expect so much from him. Maybe he's just not cut out for basketball if he's not willing to sacrifice and effort his defense

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1 hour ago, ConkintheCorner said:

Little late to party and cant remember situation but could Lat had been in in case the guy missed 2nd FT?  I could see that being the case.

I believe they made a 3 and called TO.  We had a 2 point lead with the ball.  Could have subbed someone then.

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