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Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-0, 1-0 Big Ten)
vs. Wyoming Cowgirls (4-4, 0-0 Mountain West)
Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2021, Noon (CT)
Pinnacle Bank Arena - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Huskers.com / 800-8-BIG-RED
Halftime Performance: Red Panda
Live Video: B1G+ (Matt Coatney, Jeff Griesch)
Live Radio: Huskers Radio Network (11:45 a.m.)
Matt Coatney (PBP), Jeff Griesch (Analyst)
Lincoln (107.3 FM), Omaha (ESPN 590 AM), Huskers.com, Huskers App

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Interested to see Weidemenn play. She was one I watched a lot in HS at Class A Omaha Westside. Gator aid player of the year, state champion ship team at 28-3 record, All Metro 4 years, Captain of the all state team ....... one of the best in the state at that time.  Never knew what really happened that she wasn't/didn't coming to NU.  


Anyway will watch and hope she does well just because she a Nebraska girl. My nephew lives in Wyo, and says she done pretty well for the Cowboys.


Wyo is another of the international teams. Aussies, Crotia, Spain, Poland make up over half the team. Issie, Jaz and Ruby may know some of the Wyo. Aussies from their international teams.


Expect us to do well against them,...we're at home.  Just do our thing well and we should be 12-0 today.


Everyone's gunning for us now...want to be the first to beat us.....pressure is on...let's see how we handle it.



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Good first half after a shakey first quarter defensively.  Stewart has 9 points, good offensive effort on her part.  Jazz is being Jazz, don't think she will get another triple double with the amount of subbing we do.  Cravens having a good game shooting wise.  Lizzie leading the team in scoring with 10 points.  



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Ball Movement is Amazing. As soon as a rebound or made basket under Wyo's basket, the Husker ladies are on a Fast Break to our basket. They easily get to the inside, quick pass to the perimeter, then back inside under the basket, with seeming ease; Rinse & Repeat, R&R, R&R!!!! :Bow::Bow::Bow: 


:ph34r:  The Men should be so good!!! image.gif:Redface::Redface::Redface: 

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4 hours ago, Red Don said:

Officiating doesn't seem to be very good, or consistent!


Markowski on the one hand wasn't putting up great shots, but she was also getting pounded regularly and hard all the time. Good officiating would have cleaned up all the Wyo fouls.   ...lots of them, but the officials just let them play that way. 


We fell asleep in the 4th qtr....not pretty

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First 5 mins w/ Jaz Shelley, Isssie Bourne & Anni Stewart

Three very well-grounded ladies ( as it the entire team).  All complimentary and supportive of Anni's big day (21 pts), who credits her teammates for getting her open.  They talk about the depth of the team, so many weapons, and believe they can win.  They all, entire team, so obviously enjoy playing with each other.  Like the 12-0 start, but not complacent.  Know the tough conference grind is just starting and they'll have to hit the ground running when they return from break to work on some things (rebounding, etc.) to get ready for the Big Ten.  Jaz's brother, a Fr at West Texas A&M, is in town and they'll stay in Lincoln over Christmas.


Coach Amy Williams starts at about the 8:30 mark.  Very appreciative of the turnout @ PBA.  Not the most complete game today;  Some breakdowns defensively and in communication, but disciplined and focused and came away with the win.  

Anni, great day, and also quite improved on the defensive end.   Lot of confidence and ball movement.   Still a lot of room for team improvement.  Good discussion of today's game.


A good post-game conference - Well worth a listen!!  :nod:



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i missed this game earlier :(. JeffG has already pulled out the Courtney Paris reference and we're only in the first quarter. Impressed so far. 


edit: Ashley Scoggin is probably my favorite JC transfer of all time. I think, right now, that would be regardless of sport. OK, so maybe Lavonte David was pretty good so I'm going to call it a tie. So steady and solid from day 1 to now. Just a big fan of her work. 

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