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Best Nebraska Men's Basketball Coach This Century?

Norm Peterson

Who is the Best Nebraska Men's Basketball Coach this Century?  

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  1. 1. Who is the best Nebraska men's basketball coach this century? (Not counting the overlap season of 1999-2000)

    • Barry Collier, 2000-2006, 89-91 (36-60), 2 trips to the NIT, 7-9 best conference record
    • Doc Sadler, 2006-2012, 101-89 (34-64), 3 trips to the NIT, 8-8 best conference record
    • Tim Miles, 2012-2019, 116-114 (52-76), 1 NCAA appearance, 2 trips to the NIT, 13-5 best conference record
    • Fred Hoiberg, 2019-present, 19-51 (5-36), no post-season appearances, 3-16 best conference record

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6 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

Cip and Moe got grief on their abilities but were good coaches.  If the NCAA format was the same then as it is now, we wouldn't be wishing for our first NCAA tournament win.

Agree.  The Grant Simmons, Nate Branch, Willie Campbell, Stuart Lantz and Tom Baack team was a good one.

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17 hours ago, HuskerFever said:

What about inflation-adjusted salary-to-win percentage?


Doc Sadler made like 20 bucks an hour and management eventually bumped him up another 50 cents, and when he had the audacity to take the full buyout when he was fired, some people on this very board acted like he had robbed them personally of the money. I don't recall being as pissed off at any group of fans on a message board ever.


To those douchebags: We're paying Fred almost as much per win as we paid Doc per season. How do you like them apples? If you were among those who were pissed about Doc's buyout, I want to hear you complain about the $3.5 million Fred is getting paid for the product on the floor this season.

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14 hours ago, hhcmatt said:

I'll give Barry Collier his first vote for being the only coach to quit before he could be fired.

All of those coaches listed where likeable, but to me none more so than Barry. He's a man I would have gladly sent my son to play basketball  for. On top of that he had a dry sense of humor with a lot of "Barryisms". I remember one post game presser where he said that going down the stretch of a game he was as nervous as a "bad girl" sitting in the front pew of church on Sunday.



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7 minutes ago, huskerbill85 said:

One of my first posts on here was falling for Eichorst to be fired and this board neg voted me into oblivion. Theres a strong revisionist history on here regarding Shawn Eichorst.



On 3/30/2017 at 2:04 PM, huskerbill85 said:

Nope gonna watch the lame duck coach flame out and hopefully the rest of the athletic department is out the door with him.


It's because you post like someone polishing a car with sandpaper

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