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Tennessee State (1-3) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

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2 hours ago, ConkintheCorner said:

It’s like our offense has just turned into a pick and roll between verge and walker. It’s worked effectively tonight but in the big 10. Not gonna be good


If better defensive teams can take this away and we don't have a counter,  we'll just throw up shots and hope.  Any time teams are going to give us this though, we should absolutely spam it.

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14 hours ago, AuroranHusker said:

I appreciate Verge's attitude. And he seems to be passing a bit more, i.e. a career-high 10 assists vs TSU, I like that too.




The Verge we've seen the past two games could help us win some games this year!  I agree.  Still a lot to work on and improve, but the kid seems to have started to take his role to heart.  That's not something everyone can always do, so kudos to him!

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