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Hoiberg on Sports Nightly


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  • 4 weeks later...

Good show, you have to fast forward to the second hour



  • Fielded a question about his philosophy on securing offensive rebounds vs getting back on defense and gave a fairly thorough answer.  Boils down to where you are on the court and in some cases the opponent.  NC State is a team that gets out in transition so expect Nebraska to pull back more than usual.
  • Trey McGowens still on the 6-8 week timeline
  • Lat had back issues throughout the off-season. Hoiberg thinks he'll get it going soon
  • Nebraska has a sports scientist that travels with them.  They'll see where the guys are on jump tests and then determine if they'll train harder or easier.
  • Someone texted in to see if Hoiberg could help him with ideas about what do about shin splints
  • Talked about giving up too many 3s.
  • Have worked on zone and will throw it out at some point, still trying to get the man stuff down
  • Looks like we have Quaran, Oleg, and Jack Hoiberg redshirting unless the injury bug hits
  • Notes Nate Loenser's player development skills
  • Blaise Keita will help down low - #1 rated juco player
  • Ramel Lloyd, combo guard, versatile player
  • Denim Dawson - throwback player, plays defense, athletic, will be enrolled next month
  • Jamarques Lawrence - can shoot/score
  • As a HS kid Fred visited Arizona and Stanford before ultimately choosing Iowa St. Had an in-home visit with Danny Nee
  • Fielded a call about academics
  • NC State: will pressure for 40 minutes and push in transition


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1 hour ago, Huskerpapa said:

If properly played, teaching and playing zone defense is harder than man-to-man in my humble opinion.  That said, the switching man/pack defense that we play certainly contains many zone tendancies. 

Yep.  Especially Doc’s brand.  Tons of rotational aspects.  Way harder than zone.  The coaches are struggling to see it executed in games with all the newcomers.  It is a good philosophy but completely falls apart if it isn’t second nature to all five guys on the court. 

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40 minutes ago, uneblinstu said:

I love that basketball has a lot of uniform options. You can do that and still have a unified look. I do agree with Trev, though, there has been too much variance from sport to sport. I like moving towards making things more, ahem, uniform, across all sports.

Are you here all week Or just tonight?

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The impression that I got was that zone was a different look for a team on a run that they want to slow down

11 hours ago, ConkintheCorner said:

  • Have worked on zone and will throw it out at some point, still trying to get the man stuff down

is this common..??  seems really odd we haven’t worked on zone much and we don’t have man defense down yet. We’ve been practicing for how long now?  Just curious I guess


The impression that I got from Hoiberg was that he wants to use zone situationally, to stop teams that have some momentum.  Given our problems giving up the 3 and that a zone is a questionable fix for that particular problem plus the fact no one is hurting us much inside, there probably hasn't been much need.  We do zone on some inbound plays before switching to match up.

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It would seem that if it's ok for Nebraska, a Scarlett and Cream school, to roll out black uniforms that there is absolutely a literal grey area that should be just fine.

To me the takeaway is that the AD department certainly wasn't cohesive during the Bill Moos era and to what level will Trev Alberts organize it?

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