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B1G Media Days


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Started at 7 a.m. today - caught me off guard. Doing men's and women's teams together.


Coach Hoiberg goes at 9:40 am / Coach Williams goes at 9:30 am


7 teams today, 7 teams tomorrow


Trey & Verge are NU's player reps in attendance


For a little extra entertainment, Fran blows his top at 9:20 am

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Coach Williams:

  • Large number of returning players should lead to highest level of B1G overall success
  • 4 returning starters give us confidence + 4 other contributors + Top 25 recruiting class
  • A lot of reasons to be excited for the program
  • Team has embraced internal competition & believes in hard work
  • Want to be hardest working, grittiest & most competitive team on the court 
  • Staff has been with me a long time, and they know what works for us here
  • Watching NCAA is not as enjoyable when we're not in it
  • March Madness is exciting, but it's far more special when we're in it
  • Was a transition period when I took over, but we tried to embrace history & tradition & what Yori did for the program
  • Always want to raise the bar and build on what happened in the past
  • Hard to put into words the B1G Network's growing support of women's athletics & hoops
  • Grateful that Kevin Warren understands the importance of growing the women's game & puts actions behind his word


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Coach Hoiberg:

  • Excited about our group this year - first time bringing back some players who had a key role
  • They're providing great leadership to our newcomers with 4 freshmen & 4 transfers
  • Continuity is very important - took over a big rebuilding project, which has created some difficult moments
  • Proud of how our guys fought through last season's struggles - 10 players & 4 coaches had covid last year
  • 14 games in 29 days - our guys that found a way to fight through that adversity are really helping mentor this season
  • Impressed with maturity of newcomers - like the uniqueness and skill set of the roster
  • Very competitive team, gives great effort daily
  • Love coming back to Indy - fun to see all of the Pacers greats' names that I know hanging in the rafters - awesome years in Indy for me
  • May see transfer numbers increase with no sit-out rule
  • Transfers are key for increasing the roster talent quickly
  • What we have now is a good mix of older and younger transfer players
  • Verge, getting him late was big for backcourt depth &  to add ball handling
  • Edwards, Wilcher & Keisei all can spread the floor
  • Shooting is huge, opens up driving lanes - 82% of our shots last year came in restricted area & behind 3 pt line, which is ideal - we're better equipped to finish those shots this year
  • Difficult to figure out a rotation, who starts and who finishes games
  • Must stress to team that role acceptance is big - go out and do your role - still have 3 weeks to figure it out
  • I played every role imaginable - understand how big it is to go out and accept your role
  • Creates highly competitive practices as guys fight for valuable minutes
  • Probably have 12 guys right now who could take key minutes - probably start the year narrowing that to 9 or 10 guys playing key minutes
  • May not be same guys in those roles to start the season as will be at the end of the season
  • Nice to have an event like this to gain some normalcy for our lives 
  • We are 100% fully vaccinated, but we are being cautious with testing & keeping an eye on it - no positive tests so far this season
  • Excited about having fans back in PBA - our fans give us a huge home court advantage - appreciate our fans' patience as we build this


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Sit down interviews on B1G Network with Coach, Trey & Verge:


FH – Trey is part of the continuity that we like to have back – we were making good progress as a team last year before covid hit – but we played a lot of our best basketball after that hit us – Trey is a big part of helping our young guys along and help them learn the system – older guys are helping coaches hold everyone accountable – bringing a player like Verge in late was big for us – for our team, the biggest challenge is making the right, simple play – shooting should be far better, so need to make the simple play – Trey & Verge are big parts of this


T – Holding each other accountable is very important – yesterday, held a team meeting to talk about roles, so we can reach our goals as a team


V – NU’s style of play and coach’s system is perfect for my style of play, the spacing – our team fits well with the way I play


FH – We're much more versatile in the front line – Breidenbach is a big addition with his versatility – big players are so physical in the B1G, so having a big who can pull them away from the basket and stretch the floor for our slashers – we’ve had a good shot profile the first 2 years, and the pieces we’ve added will give us better spacing – Walker, will be nice to have him full go for the entire season – Andre is making strikes – Lat stretches the floor – must have a versatile team in today’s game – where we have generated our shot attempts is 82% inside the restricted area and behind the 3-pt line last season – analytics say those are the best places to generate points – we did not finish well at the rim last year, though – and we did not shoot a high percentage from 3 – hopefully with our floor spacing, it should generate better 3 pt looks and better results at the rim


T – I just want to take whatever the defense gives me – and want to continue to work on my shot with Coach Hoiberg


V – Different role for me here than at ASU – I’m here to be the point guard and be a leader, lead by example, do the right things every day – show everyone that hard work pays off


T – Bryce puts in work – always looking to improve – after being away from him for a few years and now seeing him grow up up close makes me proud – really he just saw how genuine the staff was so he made the choice to come here – you could see how real this staff is, being genuine


FH – Bryce has God-given talent – he and Trey have great parents – Bryce is very fluid on the floor, great stroke, unlimited range, athleticism sets him apart, great wingspan – at the same time, he will have a learning curve in college and will have ups and downs – important to have Trey and other leaders on hand to help with that transition – but sometimes what Bryce does on the floor just ‘wows’ you – how he can take over portions of a practice – grateful that we have him and the whole McGowens family on board – feel great about his future and the future of the program


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