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So I have been reading and getting absolutely drenched in red kool-aid.  It's time to give your final record predictions.  I've bought all the hype and I'm going to say 21-12 with NCAA invite.  What say you?  After hearing all the gushing, I'm going to be mighty disappointed if I see predictions like 13-17. But this being Nebraskaball, I suppose 10-20 would be the prudent call.

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55 minutes ago, 49r said:

I encourage anyone to take a look at what the rest of the Big Ten is bringing back this year before making a prediction.

I’ve got 15-15.

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Honestly I don't think the B1G is as deep this year.  Top heavy with a bunch of Sweet 16 (or better) contenders, but the bottom half of the league appears to *gasp* actually resemble the bottom half of a league.  Lots of rebuilding projects starting this season in other programs.  Middle of the pack for DONU isn't all that optimistic of a take.

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8 hours ago, hskr4life said:

At quick glance, I had 17-14, but a lot depends on how quickly we gel.  If we could steal a couple in the non-con (Auburn, Creighton, KSU, NCST), that could greatly help.

A win against Creighton in the non-con should not be considered a steal this year considering they don’t return any starters from last year‘s squad. I’m not predicting that we give them a curb stomping, but it shouldn’t be looked at as being a big upset if we beat them either.

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I see us anywhere from a strong NIT team to a "win-your-first NCAA tourney" team.


Our Non-Conf schedule should (and needs to) supply plenty of wins.  Anything from 8-4 to 11-1 is possible here.  Auburn, Creighton, NC State and Kansas State will be challenges.  Going 2-2 here, and winning all the other games is a realistic goal.  I am hoping for 10-2, beating everyone except Auburn and NC State.


I think the B1G slate is going to be a slog, with only the PSU and MINN games a likely win.  I'd like us to win our home games against IND, NW, WISC, RUTG and IOWA.  That gets us to 7 wins.  Grab another road win (or two) against any of those five teams, and pull an upset win at home against MARY, and you are at 9 or 10 wins.  I think we will get to 8-12 in conference play.  That is more wins in conference play than either of our last two entire seasons.


Go 1-1 (or 2-1) in the B1G tourney.  10-2 + 8-12 + 1-1 = 19-15 and on the bubble is my prediction for the season.  If the B1G sends 9 teams to the NCAA tourney, I think we go.



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The old saying, "Make hay while the sun shines" comes to mind here.


This might be the most offensively gifted roster we've had since the 90s.


If Bryce is being considered a lottery pick, we only get him this one year and we need to take full advantage of it.


We have the shooters. If our shooters can play defense, we have the horses to dance.


We absolutely cannot stub our toes in the non-con. We can't be having to make up in conference for an off-night where we dropped one in the non-con. We need to be no worse than 9-2 in the non-con and I feel like we need to have 10 wins heading into January so that we aren't having to make up ground when the sledding is toughest.


Not saying we will.


Fingers crossed.

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