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Here's a quick report about this player, from an August 17, 2021, report by Ontheradarhoops.com on that weekend's Super 6 Showcase in Atlanta:


Denim Dawson Jones 6’5 2022 California Stars Black

The high wire act was on display in his last game before his Stars team headed out the door. A tremendous leaper off one foot, he was quite the crowd pleaser. Dawson Jones had one of, if not the best first steps in the gym. He didn’t use wasted dribbles to get where he needed to go, and at 6’5 he was very aggressive when it came to cleaning the defensive boards. I’d like to think the forward helped himself a lot over the weekend as he’s originally a part of the 2021 class, but is opting for a 5th year.


And here's a related tweet:




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6 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

I'm gathering he's a prep teammate of Jaxon Kohler.


More like he will be.  

Dawson is a 2021 graduate who has re-classed and SCA is basically a prep school.  Jaxon transferred in from Utah for his senior year.



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9 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

Y'know it's kinda complicated searching for a basketball player out there name Denim Dawson when there's actually a clothing company called Dawson Denim.


But it looks like he also holds an offer from Iowa.


Oh, wait, I'm being told that's *Iona*.  Which is almost the same exact thing.



That's cool, a shoo-in N.I.L. opportunity... 😉



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