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2022 Baseball


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Still really early, but hoping to see them put some complete all-around games together this weekend. Started to see glimpses on Sunday. It's time for the leaders to step up. Shay and Perry need to start giving us 6-7 innings. Max and Brice need to be all-conf type players. When your two best position players look like (to steal a football term) JAG, and your two most important pitchers are serving up BP - you're gonna have bad time. 

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3 hours ago, brfrad said:

I say magic # to make a regional is 35 regular season wins.  Which means 28 - 10 finish.


Gotta make hay at home the rest of March, ending with 3 vs Michigan; if they can take all 10, NU goes from 4-9 to 14-9. That 10-game stretch is followed by an intrastate game at Creighton on 3/29. HUGE STRETCH FOR NEBRASKA, THEY MUST KICK BUTT!!



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11 hours ago, AuroranHusker said:
Nebraska has another opportunity on Weds. to get back on track vs So. Dak. St. Maybe NU can wipe that "21-4" bad taste from the Corpus Christi finale.
This team needs some mojo, it seems to be severely lacking. Last season they had that offensive swag & backed it up with pitching & defense.

The game is canceled.but yet some how the softball team is playing today.

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