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Tune-In Broadcasts ??

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I happened to see this elsewhere and thought it worth posting:



(Football) Game audio won't be on TuneIn anymore. The explanation is that TuneIn has made college football broadcasts premium content, and Nebraska wants to keep Husker football streaming free of charge.


I don't know how this may impact Men's (& Women's) Basketball broadcasts but  could affect those wanting to listen to Kent Pavleka & Matt Coatney pbp's.   I've relied on Tune-in in the past, because I haven't had nearly as good results with the audio stream from Huskers.com (drop-outs & difficulties syncing with BTN video).  Being outside of the range of over-the-air Husker broadcasts, I may have to look into Sirius.


@Kent Pavelka ????

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I was going to make a thread about this. Thanks for asking.





Nebraska Athletics and its broadcast affiliates will continue to offer streaming at no cost to Husker fans. All broadcasts are streamed live on Huskers.com and the Huskers App. The TuneIn platform is not an option this season. TuneIn has added college football to its subscription-only plan, and Nebraska has elected to keep radio coverage free for all listeners. Some Husker broadcasts may be available on Sirius/XM satellite radio but no longer on an every-game basis.

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Downloaded the Huskers/com app to listen to the Illinois game - but it keeps pausing after 5 or 10 mins or so & I have to press play again to listen  (could be some dumb :Stickouttongue: setting on my 'Smart' Samsung phone.  (I've had this problem in the past).


But then it paused while Greg Sharpe & Matt Davison were wrapping up awaiting Coach Frost for a post game interview.  When it came back on it was the KSU volleyball game (and the football game was no longer an option on the menu.   I'm sure the over-the-air broadcasts didn't cut off the post-game show like the Huskers App.   Either that or the Huskers App can't handle more than one game broadcast at a time.   They are going to have to do better than this :Confused:

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