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3x3 Olympic Basketball Games


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2 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:


And I'm not sure what the distance is on the 3 2-point line. Looks deep, like NBA distance. That could affect a guy's numbers, too.

Having taken the time to Google I can tell you the 2-pt line is the same as the international 3-pt line and they play with a women's ball for some reason.

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41 minutes ago, JBARGIE said:

Tominaga with 10 points in this game including a step back Harden-esque 2 pointer for the win!  He had a nice lefty scoop layup right before that to put them up 19-16. Great game for Keisei when they needed it the most.


This was the U-18 league though, right? I kid, I kid...

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Latvia wins 21-18 - Tominaga was really good offensively again, but Japan dug a huge hole early with turnovers/nerves - the announcers gave him a lot of praise for his play in this game and all week, they even dropped a "Nebrasketball" 😁 


He finished with 8 points including 3 of 6 from 2-pt range - had 3 assists as well


Can't wait to see what he can bring to the team this year - going to be very interesting to see how the coaches try to deploy his skills

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