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Trev Alberts

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1 hour ago, Norm Peterson said:


Look at that guy. I think we might have the tallest AD ever. Maybe Ronnie Green is just *that* short.

I think Trev is just tall. He is listed at 6'4" on the Husker roster.


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I dont have high expectations I assume Trev will be a cash cow that's good. All I ask is keep Bolt and Hoiberg happy. Exercise patience with the football program as long as Frost shows some improvement even if it's just 6 or 7 wins and a bowl game this year and next. 90s ain't coming back but a very good good football program is still possible however it's going to take some more time. Baseball & Basketball IMO are on the cusp of being very good.

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28 minutes ago, jayschool said:

At what salary does the phrase "life of service" sound a little self-serving?


I mean, a special ed teacher at Waverly HS for 30 years? Yeah, that's a "life of service."


Making $800,000 a year to be an athletic director? Hmmmm.

The amount a person makes shouldn't matter. If a person is true to those words they should be applauded if it also makes them financially secure. Because as you eluded to in the example of a teacher it is rarely the case.

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I have had some...... strange.... interactions with Trev, we'll leave it at that. So not a dude I'd want to go hang out with at the bars. 

That being said - he's the perfect type of person to be AD here. He's got political appeal (that kind of, distinguished senator vibe), and he's completely no-nonsense. He's also willing to make very tough decisions and say what needs to be said. 

Honestly, Hoiberg should be thrilled with this hire. I think Trev cares more about if you are running your program correctly, working hard, kids are staying out of trouble, graduating, being great people, etc... then truly winning. I just think he "gets it," also. 

Frost on the other hand..... this should be a sobering hire for him, Davison, and Lambrecht. Word choice intended. 

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