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Coatney gets to watch practice...

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on sports nightly this evening (tuesday)....

some highlights:

been around a number of coaching staffs........loves this staff. said many thought coach williams should have received big ten coach of the year for the way last season was handled. of course, didn't get it, but, he stated she got a number of votes.


"salivating" over Markowski...she can score...awesome shape

thinks Kendall Moriarity could be the "diamond in the rough"

will have a deep bench which he states is needed in the Big Ten

said they could finish 5th or 6th in Big Ten and, yet could be a sweet 16 team. (whew, hope he's right on that oneūüėČ)

Greg and Matt agreed...huskers could be really good. Mentioned teams will be chasing Maryland, Indiana, and Iowa.

excited for Jazz Shelley from Oregon

of course......high on Kendall Coley


side note: i'll just add...this is all from watching about 1 1/2 hrs of practice


Matt is all for NIL......however, expect a bumpy road for a couple of years. example he gave is what is going to happen when the "backup" is playing better than the starter---and, yet, not getting any endorsements? 

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Yep, Markowski is the real deal B1G prototype. Big, strong and aggressive. She may get  a few lessons early on from more experienced bigs in the league, but Markowski may hand out a few too : ) Can't wait.


Really, really like the newbies and the  experience we have coming back. Optimistic as usual, but we should not be a .500 team again, at all.  Just get the right players on the floor and let them go at it. Should be Amy's best team.


The league will have different teams this year, Lots of newbies, transfers in and out. Looks like there will be some good teams...we included. Just hope we jell quickly.





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I agree we have enough talent we should not hover around .500 again. I can see this freshman class put up numbers similar to Sam's freshman year. Now if we can keep them here and happy. Plus is we are going to have to improve and be consistently in the mix for an upper B1G finish if we are going to keep Prince in Nebraska. 

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