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Moos is Out?


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Are there reasons beyond either Trev not being from a bigger school or him killing off football/wrestling at UNO that people don't like this hire? Just curious.

He is pretty much universally disliked by non-husker fans, especially college football fans, particularly due to his time on ESPN. And to that end I’m sure he is still persona non grata at the worldwide leader’s HQ as well for how that relationship ended.

The first part really doesn’t matter because eff the haters, but the second part could be troubling since ESPN drives so much of the sports narrative in society.

But yeah, aside from the Husker community I think this hire has been panned by pretty much everyone with a voice. And opinions seem pretty divided among Husker faithful even.

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1 hour ago, busticket said:

Are we still having these issues?  I thought we corrected this with Moos.  Then again I am not close to things so perhaps not everyone was on board with the Moos regime.

Based on what I heard on 1620, there were significant issues that need to be fixed. Maybe they’re a bit different than when moos was here, but real nonetheless. 

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13 minutes ago, hhcmatt said:


Seemed pretty clear at the onset we paid the guy to leave. 



'Cept that train had derailed long before that. Paid a crap ton to produce not much.


By the way, my "retirement golden-goose" is in reference to Moos taking the NU job to begin with, not the payout to end said reign.




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Trev is the right guy until he isn't.  Moos was the right guy until he wasn't.  Frost and Hoiberg are the right guy's until they are not.  And on and on.

Typically you only know you have the right person when you look back retrospectively.   Right?


The only three guys that never seemed "right" were Perlman, Eichorst and Riley.

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