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Wisconsin drama

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Two things I learned from that story:


1 - I have a newfound respect for Gard. He apparently dislikes the Wisky players almost as much as I do.


2 - Some people are delusional. Some people completely lose their grip on reality. Then there's people who would think this is true:


Potter called out Gard for not having players’ backs, specifically Davison’s. Players — and some fans — felt Davison was being treated unfairly by Big Ten officials.


I have no words.


EDIT: (lol - Jason 2486 beat me to it)

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Not knowing all sides and all the back stories, it is tough to pass judgement.  But at the very least, this is an ugly mess that is hard for any coach to recover from.  But I guess if a certain coach from our near North can recover, then most any coach can.

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