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2021 Practice has started

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Women's practice has started according to LJS article. First thing I've seen for a while. Good article. Practice will be 8 weeks


Lot's of stuff...

Freshman guard Kendall Coley previously joined the team in January and appeared in 12 games last season.

Williams said each of the freshmen added something to the team.

“Both Kendalls found themselves matched up against each other some and they were taking each other to the perimeter and posting each other up a little bit,” Williams said. “(Weidner) made some fantastic passes.”


Markowski, the high school player of the year from Lincoln Pius X, showed she was ready to compete at the college level.

“There were times where I thought maybe she was going to tackle (Bella Cravens) after a loose ball. She just gets after it,” Williams said. “And Tatiana shows us something different with her length and size. They were all so nervous, and excited, but they did exactly what we needed them to do, and that’s play hard.”


Injury update: Trinity Brady (ankle injury) and Nailah Dillard (surgery on both hips) still aren’t practicing after each missed nearly all of last season. Williams does think Brady and Dillard will be able to play this season.




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I think Weidner could be one of the Freshman to make an impact. Yes she can score but she also knows how to get you the ball. Seen some of that in HS and I think she could be a big part of a second group for us. One thing having a full roster is even if both Brady and Dillard or even Cayton can't play we still have plenty of bodies. 

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The biggest take away I got from the injury article is that Kate may be back?  This would change the entire make up of the season.

pressure defense turns back in to take away perimeter and funnel it to your shot blocker

offense goes from quick sets to possession work it high work it low


If this is true, I may have exchange my whole seasonal expectations, though either road is enjoyable

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12 hours ago, caveman said:

The biggest take away I got from the injury article is that Kate may be back?


If you're referring to the 'That's a wrap....' article, last updated 6/17/21, I posted in the "New strength & Conditioning Coach" thread, that article is dated and I just posted it to give some possible context as to what, if anything, may have been a factor behind the new hire.   Unless there is some newer information I'm not aware of, Kate Cain is gone, nor is she listed in the 21/22 roster.

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i check out Volley Talk every now and then. hardly hear a peep about K. Meyer. lots of chatter about everyone else....even the freshman. with all the talent on the roster, wonder if a switch has crossed her mind? there was a mention in one post that she misses track/field and may go that direction. would be interesting if she decided to give wbb a shot (no pun intended). idk, maybe she is progressing at vb. 

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