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MLS and Sporting KC - Official Thread

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7 hours ago, 49r said:

HUGE result for the boys tonight!!!


4 points in our trips to LAFC and Seattle was definitely not expected after our first month and a half.  Are we back?  Huge hole to dig ourselves out of, but play like we have the past 2 weeks and we’ll be alright.

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The change in playoffs format for 2023 may benefit us.  Only needing to crack the top 9 teams to get in means that we are only 4 points out of playoff position despite a historically awful start.  Plenty of time to make up that ground and start posturing for seeding.  The key playoff seeds to get to are:


9th.  Duh.  If you're 10th you don't make the post-season, but if you're 8th or 9th you get to play in the single-elimination wild card round.

7th.  This means you avoid the wild card game, and start off with a best-of-three playoff series.

6th.  There are two teams that I would much rather only have to beat once in a single-elimination match rather than have to beat in a best-of-three series.  Avoiding LAFC and Seattle in the opening round is key.  That likely means getting the #6 seed will be significantly better than the #7 seed.

4th.  Home field advantage for the best-of-three round.


One other thing to note is that the match rules change by round.  Wild Card matches will not go to extra time, but will instead advance directly to a PK shootout if tied after regulation.  Same thing for the next round, with the main difference being it's best of three rather than single elimination.  The conference semis are more like what we are used to seeing, with a single game that advances to the traditional 30 minutes of extra time if tied at the end of regulation.  Conference finals and MLS Cup Final follow the same format as semis.


I think SKC could be the beneficiary of the emphasis on PKs to decide the winner of early round matches.  Melia is the GOAT of penalty saves in this league.

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3-1-1 against teams from our side that are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 9th and a historically bad start that saw us winless in our first 10 games.  Don’t look now but we’re only 5 points out of a playoff position at the moment.

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8 hours ago, hskr4life said:

Im sure we’ll appeal both.  Wes’ red might get rescinded.  Dest keeps his. Sucks because we were baited into both.


Mexico had no answer.  We were 100 the better team.  And without Adams too.


Why do you think Weston's red will be rescinded?  He did make contact with the other player's throat will shoving him.  I know he was baited (by like 5 Mexican players at once) but his action was rightly a red.  I thought the unfair aspect was that the ref didn't simultaneously give a yellow to the whole group of Mexican players that were shoving him and getting in his face before he reacted.

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8 hours ago, cornfed24-7 said:

Not sure about biggest, but rivalry where the teams hate each other the most... Perhaps


Egypt vs Algeria has entered the chat.

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13 hours ago, hskr4life said:

Dos A Cero early in the 2nd.  Gone are the days where the US sits back against Mexico and it’s glorious.

Hopefully it’s not gone were the days….


Ive never seen an organization hire a hiring firm only to rehire the same coach.

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