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MLS and Sporting KC - Official Thread


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On 6/15/2022 at 9:10 AM, hskr4life said:

My few quick notes after June camp.


1.  LDLT has, rightfully so, earned a spot on this WC roster.  He has played very well in any situation he’s thrown in (starting vs sub roles)


1.5 Not only did he earn a roster spot, is he earning a starting spot?  Love Musah in the mid, wish he could have finished that one run last night.


2.  The fight for the last GK slot will be interesting.  I’m leaning Johnson (along with Steffen and Turner).  Ethan didn’t do much either way to move the needle last night and I liked Johnson’s game against Uruguay.


3.  My 23 as of today.


GK- Turner, Steffen, Johnson


Defenders: Jedi, Zimmerman, Dest, Long, Cannon for sure.  …… Then pick your 2 poisons from Richards, Yedlin, Brooks, Scally, CCV, Bello, or EPB.  The last two are hard picks really.  No one has stood out from that group.


Mids: LDLT, Musah, Adams, McKennie for sure.  Acosta and Roldan for experience?  Do you look at Busio or Mihailovic in place of one of those?


Fwrd: Aaronson, Pulisic, Weah, Reyna for sure.  Then I’m going with Pepi, Sargent. Last spot I could see anyone from Morris, Ferreira, or Greg brining Arriola.

WC news today— roster expansion to 26 for the World Cup.  Huge news for the US to bring some young and inexperienced guys along with vets.  

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13 hours ago, hskr4life said:

WC news today— roster expansion to 26 for the World Cup.  Huge news for the US to bring some young and inexperienced guys along with vets.  


I saw that and wholeheartedly approve. 


For one, I think it's good for the game in general.  Remember the 2014 World Cup, where the US had a tough decision and cut Landon Donovan with the final roster spot?  Then Altidore proceeded to get injured about 0.172 seconds into the first match, and the US was stuck adjusting its shape and playing with a false 9 for the rest of the WC.  A 26-man roster prevents this sort of scenario, or at least makes the scenario exceedingly rare.  That's good for the game as a whole.  It's also good for the players' health, as more depth on the bench means coaches will be less inclined to play their guys when they are hurt.


As for the US in particular, I think this helps us more than most.  We are relying on a very young group of core players, and those players' development is not linear.  They are talented, but going through the natural ups and downs in the early parts of their careers.  Obviously we do have some guys whose names are written down in ink if healthy (Pulisic, Weston, Adams, Jedi, Dest), but a big chunk of our Best XI ebbs and flows.  Being able to bring in three extra guys helps our team manage players that look elite on some days and like bench fodder on others (Musah and Pepi, I'm looking at you). 


Lastly...I think this puts Jordan Morris squarely on the roster, and that dude just flat out produces.  Love the idea of him as a super sub, and I don't think he was cracking a 23-man roster since he isn't a Best XI player and isn't versatile enough to occupy a 23-man bench slot.  But with 26 players, I 100% expect to see him burning right backs in the 90th minute in Qatar.

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