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MLS and Sporting KC - Official Thread

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It's shocking that SKC still manages to be near the top of the table with how much tomscrewery we are getting from refs this year.  I mean seriously, LAFC was even surprised that Roger got sent off.  When have you ever seen the team benefiting from a red card standing around in shock when it happens?  Never.  They're typically whining and moaning and begging for the card.  Even the LAFC players knew that one wasn't a red.  Ridiculous.

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9 hours ago, 49r said:

Very big win from the USMNT tonight! Pepi is gonna play himself into a starting spot.

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I am so glad we beat out Mexico to land Pepi.  I don't think he becomes a dominant striker at the international level, but he plays a position we clearly need a lot more depth at. 


I honestly can't remember the last time we had an elite, true #9.  Have we ever?  It must have been before my time as a fan.  I know a lot of people would consider Dempsey, but he floated around the pitch more than you want in a center forward.  More of a False 9 (and a great one), in my opinion.  Altidore, when at his best, was a world-class #9...but he was often not at his best.  Since I didn't follow soccer as a young kid, The Donovan/Dempsey Era is as far as my memory goes back.  

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It was 3 points that we desperately needed.  It probably wasn’t a “must win” but we would have been in a very bad position had we lost.  It seems like we finally found some Mojo that 2nd half.  We were more aggressive.


Moving forward...

1.  Has Sergent lost his starting spot?  At least for now?  I just don’t know.  He has some really heavy touches for a striker.

2.  Weston has got to get it together.  He is vital part of this team.  He’s got to figure it out.

3. Is Pulisic ok?  Did hear after the game, but he looked really uncomfortable and one of his worst qualities as a player is his durability.

4.  The young guns are pushing for starting spots.  Pepi, Robinson, Robinson, Brenden.

5.  John Brooks looked terrible this window.  Slow, missing tackles, etc.

6. Next window has to end with at least 6 points.  That’s the bare minimum.  Jamaica and Costa Rica at home have to be wins against the bottom of the group.  Steal a point at Panama and we are sitting pretty.

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9 minutes ago, 49r said:

Big win for the boys tonight. Kept us in second place n the Western Conference!

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Danny boy took a lot of heat over the years, but my goodness he’s been lights out this year!


This team has what it takes to make a deep run.


Also— the new rumors about Weston and what actually happened add insult to injury about our less than stellar international window.  My goodness.

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4-0 ain't too shabby of a scoreline!  Absolutely dominated Minny United.


Anybody know what's up with Felipe Hernandez still being out for "personal reasons"?  Long-hauler COVID case perhaps?  Seems like he's been away from the club for 6-7 weeks at this point, but maybe I'm remembering wrong.

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13 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:

Big news came out the other day:




I like the calendar considerations, both putting it in the summer and having the domestic leagues pause.  I've said this before; yes, Liga MX is still ahead of MLS, but not by as much as head-to-head matchups would indicate. 


MLS has always been at a disadvantage in playing these types of matchups early in the season (or even pre-season) for CONCACAF Champions League when fitness is poor and many stars don't even start.  It really hasn't been a fair matchup against Liga MX teams that are in midseason form.  Then when this newest iteration of Leagues Cup started back up in 2019 we sent RSL, Chicago, and Houston as 3/4 of the MLS representatives.  That's waving the white flag before the matches even start.  But putting the 2023 Cup in the summer, sending all teams from both leagues, and making both leagues pause?  No excuses anymore.  We finally have a fair format.  Time to prove our league can go toe-to-toe with Liga MX.

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