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I'm just glad Quaran is not a teen. The past year has made me very leery of that combo.

I love NYC Point Guards. 

Beats having to pay the kid $100,000 and provide his dad or uncle with a "good job."

4 hours ago, jimmykc said:

Quaran McPherson (prospectiveinsight.com)   Here's a long interview. Sounds like a combo guard with good size who played with Kofi Cockburn at some point. 


That Christ the King team was loaded. Also there was current Memphis Tiger and future NBA player Moussa Cisse as well as Tyson Walker, the guard that we and everyone else tried to get via transfer this spring who ended up at Michigan St.

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3 hours ago, JBARGIE said:

He really is Elijah Wood 2.0.


He's also been to 4 schools in 5 years. I know it's his first day as a commit but probably can be added to the goes section of the who goes and stays 2022 thread. I will say that you can get a feel about guy by reading through everything they have online and FWIW it feels like McPherson could work his way into a few meaningful minutes at some point.

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Man, has this game passed me by. At least off the court. 


On the other hand, as a long time As fan and one of the people who can actually explain what "Moneyball" really is, this appears to be Hoiberg's schtick. He appears to be identifying the basketball recruiting versions of "market inefficiencies" and exploiting them. 


I don't know if this will translate into wins ultimately--such is the high regard I have for the people running hoops in the B1G--but this is the first time I can really see an actual plan in what Hoiberg's doing as a coach. 


If anything else, it's making my favorite team interesting, which, for me, is probably as important if not more important than winning. 

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I like him!  Explosive athlete and looks like he'd be a good sized PG.  I think he'll be able to learn a lot as a Trey understudy.  


Funny how underwhelmed everyone seems to be about 3* players these days.  This kid looks legit to me.  


I have no problem with Fred's brother and buddy system.  I think it's a brilliant way to recruit. 

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2 hours ago, Silverbacked1 said:

Was he higher than a 3 star before he tore his ACL?

I don't know if he was rated higher but it appears his focus was going to the west coast. He had offers from UCLA, Arizona and lots of PAC-12 teams that went away after the injury. 

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