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Hoiberg Presser 2021-04-15

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We've had a lot go on in the last week so this is fairly meaty



On the two new signings


Wilcher - Elite shooter, Strong body, versatility in defense, complete player

Oleg- Has size and skill; talked about adding strength this summer, used the phrase "long term addition", and talked about competing for a spot in the rotation


Reading between the lines Wilcher is likely in the rotation next year and Kojenets is 'we'll see what we get'


Hoiberg thought the rule change was good because they made things consistent, most likely a reference to how some guys got waivers and some did not.  Thought the big change between transfers now vs when he started at Iowa St is that while there are a lot more guys transferring there are a lot more schools now that will build around transfers.


Talked about his son Sam committing as a walk-on


Thorir is back in Iceland and still is deciding what he will do next year. Shamiel also weighing his options. 


Was asked about filling scholarships and essentially said they were looking to better the team. When specifically asked about adding a PG he talked about the importance of taking care of the ball and mentioned decision making drills. He thought that the shutdown hurt both Dalano and Trey.  After talking about having more time to practice this year to work on fundamentals mentions that Kobe Webster is a facilitator and that Breidenbach has been bring the ball up the court for his team. Pressed again later on whether or not he was going to use the remaining scholarships he remained fairly non-comital 


Seems to think we've added the necessary shooting to open up driving lanes and is excited about returning 70% of our scoring from last season. Adds that he thinks they need to figure out a lineup for closing out games.


Talked about coaching changes. Loesner has done everything as a coach so in addition to player development he's been a head coach and has scouted. Has started to build relationships with players and mentions new strength coach Kurt Joseph doing the same.  Sees Doc's role as having a similar impact in terms of the concepts of what will be implemented on defense. 


Coach is excited to get back to inperson recruiting.





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