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Our last 20 games are against teams with winning B1G record currently. And our last 7 against teams you could consider the 3 other best teams in the conf. Hope we rack up a lotta dubs before those las

First game has been moved up to 4:05 from 6:30.   

If Matthews doesn't get Freshmen Player of the Week, the player that took that away had an amazing week, or they just hate Nebraska. 

Over the course of a season, a series and a game, you get calls and calls are missed.  It is an important part of baseball.  I complain as much as the next person...but they do tend to even out.  If you are a good team you tend to overcome bad calls; if you are a bad team, you tend to be overcome by them.

And so it goes.

Another nice win last evening by an emerging VERY good Husker team.

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I was close to the action and had a good view of the plate.  The ump started out consistent--was giving the pitcher the low outside pitch to right handers, and the high inside pitch to lefties.    For some reason, he lost his zone in the middle of the game.   What was a strike all day became a ball.   Hard for the players to know his zone.    All I ask for is consistency.   

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Hroch should have been pulled before Maryland brought their best hitter to the plate. Of course that 3-run HR, in hindsight, was a bitter pill to swallow. It went from a 5-2 lead to tied at 5. Nebraska didn't play that right, the Terps had 5 straight hits off of Hroch in the 5th; and, if it wasn't for a pick-off at 2nd in the middle of that, NU wouldn't have even been tied at that point. Oh well, now NU really has to strive with all it has in order to get that series win in the Sunday nooner.


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