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2021-22 Husker opponents

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This site has us playing in a 4-team MTE in Lincoln:


Nebraska MTE

TBA: Lincoln, Neb.

  • Nebraska (Big Ten)
  • South Dakota (Summit)
  • Southern (SWAC)
  • Tennessee State (OVC)


So I think that means we can schedule 29 games plus 2 in the MTE (31 total) under the rules that were supposed to go into effect in 2020-21 before they changed them for Covid. I assume those rules will go back into place for 2021-22. 

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3 hours ago, Bill Self's Toupee said:

Piecing together the comments...  with some guesses on dates...


11/12 vs Sam Houston State
11/19 vs Idaho State
?11/23? vs [Team TBD]
?11/28? at Creighton
?12/04? at [ACC Team TBD]
?12/08? vs South Dakota
?12/09? vs Southern
?12/10? vs Tennessee State
?12/15? ?? Auburn
12/19 vs Kansas State
12/22 vs Kennesaw State

Not seeing a lot of room for those December conference dates.

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2 hours ago, hhcmatt said:


It is. If past years are any indications we'll probably host them around Dec 4th or so.


I read somewhere that, because it qualifies as our contest for the Gavitt Games, it'll be early, like one of our first 3 games or so. That's definitely beneficial for us given that we'll have the more veteran team this time around.

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4 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:


I'm sure Creighton fans are going to feel very trolled by the spelling of "Blue Jays".


Check out the very first reply to that tweet.  It's from a Creighton fan taking the bait.  Yeah, there's absolutely no doubt that was an intentional troll.  My God they have got to be the simplest group of people that has ever existed.

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3 hours ago, AuroranHusker said:


A new opponent. I'll take that, at least. Hopefully we can get some more high profile matchups with some on-court success the next couple of years.


Also, has the Auburn game actually been confirmed by anyone?

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7 minutes ago, uneblinstu said:

Also, has the Auburn game actually been confirmed by anyone?


It's coming from d1docket who gets is info via FOIA requests.  I'd assume this will happen unless there is something that causes it to fall through.

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3 hours ago, hhcmatt said:

Looks like the Auburn game will be Dec 11th in Atlanta


Auburn finished the year ranked #60 in KenPom.  They have the #74 recruiting class (one 5* and I think they have a number of really high profile transfers coming as well)



Bart Torvik projects them to start 2021 as the #18 team.  Nebraska #57.

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