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2021-22 Husker opponents

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The average NET (currently) of our opponents this season are:


Overall: 92.2

Wins: 157.6

Losses: 59.5

Home: 118.3

Away: 53.1

Neutral: 46.5

Home Wins: 199.8

Away Wins: 45.3

Home Losses: 63.9

Away Losses: 56.0

Neutral Losses: 46.5


15 of our opponents have seen their conference tournament seasons come to an end already.


11 teams still have life remaining in their conference tournaments.


Those 11 teams are as follows:

1. Colorado: Pac-12 Semifinals (Friday)

2. Creighton: Big East Semifinals (Friday)

3. Indiana: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

4. Auburn: SEC Quarterfinals (Friday)

5. Michigan State: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

6. Rutgers: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

7. Illinois: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

8. Purdue: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

9. Wisconsin: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

10. Iowa: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

11. Penn State: Big Ten Quarterfinals (Friday)

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5 of Nebraska's 26 opponents still have life in the conference tournaments:


1. Creighton: Big East Championship

2. Indiana: Big Ten Semifinals

3. Michigan State: Big Ten Semifinals

4. Purdue: Big Ten Semifinals

5. Iowa: Big Ten Semifinals


Of the 21 other opponents:

8 wins in their conference tournaments (Penn State with 2; Colorado, Sam Houston State, Tennessee State, South Dakota, Kennesaw State, Northwestern with 1 win)

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On 3/12/2022 at 10:46 AM, HuskerFever said:


There's a good chance we would have had a much higher conference standing in the Big 12 than we have had in the Big Ten.

Is it because there are only 10 teams?

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