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What B-town mentions plus the league's showing this year will automatically lead to the perception by the pundits that next year will be a "down" one for the Big Ten. Therefore, Nebraska will have to

Same could be said for Thor. We have room. It looks like we'll probably keep a couple spots open. He doesn't count against our total this year anyway. Why on earth would you not want Thor around. Even

The players have said CJ has been the best shooter on the team so far (other than Lakes, since he hasn’t been practicing). They have also commented on Keon and Wilhelm’s shooting ability. Webster was

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1 hour ago, millerhusker said:



The “official” heights and weights were measured this week.


Bryce listed at 6’8”!  I thought he looked taller and longer than he did last year, but that was unexpected.


Wilhelm - 6’10” 223 lbs.

Eduardo listed at 6’11” now.


Derrick "grew" an inch, 6-9 sounds better than 6-8 for a Big Ten center.

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30 minutes ago, aphilso1 said:


This makes me question all the other listed changes in height/weight.  



I think they just "decided" that Kobe and Sam Hoiberg are 6' and then based all the other heights off that starting point.  So you can probably shave 2" off of everyone else for the accurate numbers.  That would make Bryce a *legit* 6' 6", which is nice.  

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