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2021-2022 expectations

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1 hour ago, millerhusker said:



The “official” heights and weights were measured this week.


Bryce listed at 6’8”!  I thought he looked taller and longer than he did last year, but that was unexpected.


Wilhelm - 6’10” 223 lbs.

Eduardo listed at 6’11” now.


Derrick "grew" an inch, 6-9 sounds better than 6-8 for a Big Ten center.

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30 minutes ago, aphilso1 said:


This makes me question all the other listed changes in height/weight.  



I think they just "decided" that Kobe and Sam Hoiberg are 6' and then based all the other heights off that starting point.  So you can probably shave 2" off of everyone else for the accurate numbers.  That would make Bryce a *legit* 6' 6", which is nice.  

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On 9/17/2021 at 6:01 PM, 49r said:


via 3MW which really does a good job at profiling most every D-1 team:


Hoiberg made a big splash via the transfer portal (as he’s been known to do) by bringing in Arizona State guard Alonzo Verge days after Banton’s decision to turn pro. Verge is expected to run some point for the Huskers, which should be seen as a double-edged sword. On one side, Verge is very talented; he’s a good ball handler; he’s even a good passer. Scoring comes naturally to him, and he can do it very well.

Lots of dribbling

On the other side, Verge is an extremely high-volume shooter and has never met a shot he doesn’t think he can make. ASU was not a good basketball team last year and some of that was due to its guards being focused on “getting theirs” instead of playing team basketball. If Verge wasn’t afraid to be high-usage in a backcourt featuring Remy Martin and Josh Christopher, he won’t hesitate to do the same alongside the McGowens bros. Verge should thrive in Hoiberg’s uptempo system (ASU was similar), but Nebraska fans should know they are getting one of the streakiest shooters in the country and a “feast or famine” lead guard.

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Alonzo Verge, Nebraska: This is not hyperbole: Verge could be one of the top scorers in the Big Ten this season. A lethal offensive talent, Verge scored 20 or more points on 12 separate occasions during his two years at Arizona State, which was highlighted by a 43-point performance against Saint Mary’s in 2019.

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1 hour ago, 49r said:

Verge scored 20 or more points on 12 separate occasions during his two years at Arizona State


12 games, take the 4/9ths factor, carry the 3, multiply out by the rate of games played...


So the "Nebrasketball effect" looks to be somewhere around 5-6 games of 20+ points in a Nebraska uniform.

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I look at Verge's numbers and I don't see Teddy. He comes across as a guy who drives to the rim where he either distributes or scores.  He didn't shoot a ton of 3s in ASU's hero ball offense so more than likely he'll take the type of attempts that Dalano did: open shots from the corner or wing as part of the offense.


Really hope he's one of these guys that can execute Hoiberg's 'make the simple play' mantra as he's going to touch the ball a lot when he's on the court.

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