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1 hour ago, Nebrasketballer said:

I wonder if this is an indication that Kobe is coming back for another season.


I don't know, but the fact that we were reaching out to point guards for next season probably wasn't a good sign for Mr. Wood either.

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1 hour ago, jayschool said:

Or as they're reporting on Rivals: "Arope, Woods and Ivan Dragoo are out; will Blanton be next?"


Blanton was a hell of a player, it was amazing how he put on 30 pounds in a matter of a couple weeks as a sophomore to move to cente,r even though he was only 6'6"-6'7"; a major reason his team made it to the Final Four.  He then shed the weight and moved back to the wing where he averaged 20 ppg as a senior, just remarkable.


He graduated 32 years ago though, so I don't know why he'd be a transfer candidate now.

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5 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:


Did someone develop a 10-star system and not tell me?

I didn’t want to be mean when I saw that tweet. I was excited when we got Elijah’s commit.  Then I saw him play and for the life of me could not figure out how he was ever a top 150 prospect.  Decent measureables but the skill level was very lacking.  I guess that is why he fell out of the top 150 as a senior.

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