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Speak for yourself - the fire department had to bring a net out to my place and talk me down when Shang Ping transferred.

People were all over Dave Hoppen for that also.   Can always find a flaw, but Jorge brought a lot to the table.   I'm going with Dean on this one.

I hope this doesn’t sound bad— I don’t mean for it to, but I hope all the movement happens relatively quick if it’s going to happen.  I’d rather have that than an Andrew Benedict Arnold White situatio

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Player meetings are Monday. As many as 5 scholarship guys could leave apparently, I see it being 3 personally. Sham, Yvan, and Lakes/arop (one of the two). The others in question are Banton and Wood I'm assuming, and Banton definitely could move down and I wouldn't be shocked if he did. Wood is Bryce's best friend, so I'm not sure that'll happen. 


That's my rough read on it from afar. We'll learn more next week and after based on who we're contacting for transfers

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No shock with Bret leaving, and actually he should be able to drop down to a level where playing time is probable.   It also doesn't suck that he will have four years of eligibility, is two years removed from HS and has been practicing against power five competition. 

Good luck Bret!

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