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Rutgers (13-9) (9-9) vs. Nebraska (6-17) (2-14) Game Thread

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Just now, HuskerFever said:


We're the white team, right? That statline seems to be more reflective of us.

I know. I had a Manhattan at halftime and came back to the basement and saw the white team with the ball thinking it was us. It took a minute, but I re-adjusted to reality, though I'm gonna have another cocktail if this keeps up.

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Thread title on Rutgers message board... "An embarrassment of epic proportions"   We've been there my guy.  Welcome to the club.


Jeeze look at the people leaving at the under 4 time out!  You would think they would like to see this till the end, I mean it is the early game.🤨

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It's amazing how Young for Rutgers looks just like his dad, except he looks about 9 inches shorter.


Phi Slamma Jamma in miniature.  Maybe the Dream has a kid that's 6'3", Mr. Mean has a kid that's 6'2", and the Glide has a kid that's 6'0".  Would be interesting.  I bet if Benny had a kid that was 5'9" he'd be winning dunk contests at that height.

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