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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 13; ed 21 - vs. Penn St.

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Hoiberg made a great decision to bench Allen for that one game.  Teddy has been playing great since that game and seems to be playing much better as a team player since then.

Seriously, with the names?  At this point of the season, multiple references on this thread alone to "Blanton", and now "Ivan ".   Your way of trolling?

(Should I?) (No, don't. You'll come off as an arrogant pedant. Or worse, a complete dick.) (But "watermark" is just one word.) (Nobody gives two shits about that. LET. IT. GO.)

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10 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

Keith won the ‘75 NBA Finals with the Golden St. Warriors, something Husker greats Hoppen, Farmer & Moore we’re unable to accomplish...

Speaking of getting names right, he chose to go by Jamaal Wilkes publicly and legally changed it to Jamaal Abdul-Lateef. I don’t think Jamaal would go all Ali and “Say my name” on you, but a person probably has a right to their own name. 

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10 hours ago, HuskerBB said:


RIcky Marsh was a pretty good player as well.    He was the PG that helped get Jerry lots of his points.  


Yep, seems like the story was that he didn't like Cip's style of play. Finished his career at Manhattan and was drafted by the Warriors. As freshmen, some people thought he was better than Jerry, believe it or not. He was more athletic, not as skilled, IIRC.

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21 hours ago, hhcmatt said:


Philosophically I think we value getting back and set on defense vs trying to crash the boards. Given our roster makeup this seems like the right course of action, no?  To me the problem with Penn St out rebounding us on the offensive boards is their 16, not our 2. Harrar was getting rebounds last night that he had no business getting.


I agree.  You have to block out.   It's not that hard.

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15 hours ago, Dead Dog Alley said:


Hate to correct you, but: he did play his freshman year.


And how is it that, from his recruiting class, he wasn't the one that played in the NBA?



Fort broke his leg in a pickup game after the season after being drafted by the Celtics in the 3rd round and after that it didn't work out.  However he was able to parlay his pro-basketball career into an insurance career.


I need to make the time this summer to fix all these @hhcdave gems 


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