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A chance for a big push...

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No intel, no special insight, just a sense: Nebraska WBB has a chance to make a push that does good things for right now and moreso for the future. I'm a believer that the "big games" aren't the ones that keeps things from falling apart, but the ones that take you from a plateau to a newer peak. 


If Nebraska wins the last four here, and then 1 or 2 in the tournament, that's maybe enough to get in the NCAAs, but it's more importantly a big springboard into next year, and this team - its best players especially - could use that sense of momentum. And they're good enough to win the last four, too, including at Iowa, a perfectly fine team that nevertheless isn't so good Nebraska can't beat them. Iowa will probably be 13-8 when Nebraska plays them, and Nebraska, if it handles business, will be 13-9. It's an even-up game in an empty arena. 


Nebraska's sort of been in one spot since 2018-2019. Surprise win, surprise loss, barely survive Wisconsin or Illinois, Iowa and Indiana are "too good,"  early exit from Big Tens, etc. It appeared it'd be in that spot for certain - or possibly worse - this season, too.


As it turns out (thanks to a 1-2 scoring punch who compliment one another instead of taking shots from each other, thanks to Bourne getting really good really fast (which, she is), thanks to Cravens, thanks to good leadership from Cain) there's a chance here for another level right at the end. 


It's a real opportunity. 

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Thanks Sam!!!    image.png  


I liked Matt & Jeff's interview with Coach Amy Williams, Kate Cain & Issie Bourne immediately following the Northwestern Game, where they cited unselfish play and the team playing for each other.  Issie particularly spoke of their building a non-selfish culture and the importance of having confidence in themselves and each other.  Kate said everyone needed to pick-up their rebounding with Bella being out of the game.   When talking about the win, Kate said something like:  "We were just kind of sick of Losing! .... We didn't want to Lose another game!"  (2:32:20). 


A particularly good interview following the game!

Coatney/Greisch Game Broadcast

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Well I think Amy Williams did some maturing as a coach when things shutdown in March. It gave her the chance to look at things she may have not done otherwise. Time will tell but the culture is much improved. Having a player like Bourne as a captain/team leader as a second year player speaks volumes. Not sure that would have happened without the shutdown. This group just seems to pick it up a notch when they are short handed, in this case Cravens. Now they just need to bring that when all the pieces are available. I like Sam's thinking for the last 4 games and the B1G tourney. 

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On 2/19/2021 at 2:53 PM, jayschool said:

Caitlin Clark is the difference maker, and she's showing no signs of slowing down.

Clark and Buecker of uconn are probably in that "once in a generation" category. haven't seen Buecker play...have watched a handful of iowa's games. before all is said and done, i think Clark will be flirting with that "50" mark...and possibly more than once or twice. thing is, you have an iowa team that has their share of offensive threats.


love my huskers, however, gonna take a huge offensive effort to beat iowa at home. they play pretty darn well there. can they hold them in the low 80's? it's going to be awful tough...jmo


any word on when the ncaa will announce a 64-48-16 team tourney? sure would think coaches would like to know asap. i would really think 16 would be out, but, who knows when it comes to the ncaa. as of feb 16th bracketology, huskers don't even get a mention. i still think their best shot is the NIT. hope they prove me wrong.....again😁

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10 hours ago, Cazzie22 said:

Do we really know what to expect when we take the floor?

Oh, kinda. Shotmaking always makes the difference. But, yeah, I thought Nebraska'd beat NW, and potentially lose to Minnesota. It's based on how the teams play and what they're good at. Doesn't help not having Cravens, of course. Minnesota doesn't get 11 offensive rebounds if she plays. 


Whalen has the right ideas. It's gonna be whether she gets the great players in her own state - she hasn't done real well there - and whether, after she gets them, they're gonna be able to play for her. 






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Whalen is an X WNBA player that has the "attitude".  She seems kind of abrasive just watching games. We got pushed around playing them, and we didn't really respond with the same attitude.  To me that's much, but not all, of why we lost.


And she's reflected in her players and how they play.  (as are most teams of course)

Good for team coaching if your players respond to that "toughness". .....but also can be a detriment recruiting.  Didn't see huge amount of talent om Minn,  May be a case of knowledgeable coach...but not so attractive as a recruiter. But time will tell. 


The B1G is tough and we're struggling at times. Most WBB B1G teams are too.  Must keep our heads up and focused. Fight to the end. 



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