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Wisconsin (14-6) (8-5) vs. Nebraska (4-10) (0-7) Game Thread

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So I've said this before, but I'll say it again because this game seems to fit the bill.


Wins, losses, I don't care this season. Never did at the very start of the season and don't now. The only thing I've wanted to see all season was progress; a way for us to bridge the gap between a fresh 4-5 starters building some camaraderie, starting to make some shots, and building into the next season where we we'll get an inflection of talent on the team.


I've only seen it in one or two other games, but there's parts of this game that give me a glimmer of hope. If we can start to get some ball movement, solid shot selection, and make some baskets, then that will set us up for next season.


I just want to have expectations about our team again.

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Hey everyone,   My apology for not saying goodbye last summer.  I love you guys!  I made the decision last summer sports wasn't all that important in my life anymore.  So, let this be my goo


That guy shoots free throws like we do. Why didn't we scout him?

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1 minute ago, tcp said:

getting blown out by opponents shooting under 30 percent from the field is really distressing. we're getting teams' D game and still getting crushed. 


We might need another word stronger than "rebuild" for this. 


This.  We are currently "that" team in the B1G that you don't even have to bring it and you can still beat us.  We used to at least be a tough out each night.

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Disappointing moment for me.  McGowens just turns it over after falling down.  Thor played almost perfect D in a 2 on 1 situation making Davidson pass it off and then making the guy who caught Davidson's pass have to pivot before taking a shot.  Yet-- our only guy to hustle back and help Thor was Kobe.  Wisco still ended up with a "3 on 2" for the score.

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