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Wisconsin (14-6) (8-5) vs. Nebraska (4-10) (0-7) Game Thread


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18 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

Sorry Cip-- if we win tonight, I'm going to be forced to have to kidnap you and make you type messages on all game days for the rest of the year.  Don't worry-- I'll let you call home every now and then.

I still have the room in my dungeon... err...basement for when I tried and failed to keep Roby here.


also is Trevor Anderson the perfect Wisconsin player... slow,squat,hyper white, perfect hair... but hits everything he throws at the rim.

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Just now, hskr4life said:


Don't know-- have never met him.  I've called him Yuv since he signed here.  Originally thought his name was spelled "Yuvan" and so I shortened it to Yuv and it stuck for me.  

So you purposefully misspell his name?


Got it. 

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