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Mi'Cole Cayton cleared to Play

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On 1/23/2021 at 4:19 PM, mwm89 said:

Looking forward to seeing what she can do on both ends, particularly on D.


I remember she was quick and fast back a few years ago (watching her video's out of HS) when she originally committed to Nebraska, but unfortunately for Mi'cole that was pre surgery(s).  Hope for her sake she can play well and more than that, heal up as permanently as much as possible. She's been through a lot. 


But she's not a rookie either.

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10 minutes ago, mwm89 said:

Indeed, but then, the wins against top 25 teams were a pleasant surprise- at least at first.

That surely was especially against O. St. without Bourne.  I was thinking more along the lines of getting some injured players back and them being able to contribute.  

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Read today that Mi'Cole wants to play next year (she's a redshirt Jr.), Does not want to be a one and done transfer. and even possibly the following 3rd year.


....because of her 3 medical redshirt years. and Covid extra year may enter into the picture. I'll let the powers to be figure out how many more years she can play.


She could need to get NCAA approval because she will have been a student athlete for as many as 7 years total.


Sounds complicated, but as of now, she wants to stay.


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